Fighting The Flu

by Naila Sheikh

It’s been a rough almost 2 weeks for me with the kids getting sick, taking days off from school. The worst part is when they stop eating and lose weight. I worry endlessly and go into warrior-mommy-mode. Despite giving them a tablespoon of Manuka Honey daily, they will bring home a nasty cough because that’s just how Kindergarteners and second graders are; careless little (cute ☺️) monsters.


My first and foremost concern is their full recovery and nutrition. Having them eat home-cooked meals and homemade superfood Smoothies is essential to what I think fighting the nastyness of flu. 


Keeping a positive attitude (even though, I must admit, at times I’m completely worn out and sad) is key to staying strong whilst also acknowledging the waves of emotions that are inevitable. As caretakers/Mothers, we can’t help but always be protective of our offspring. And sometimes, when our kids’ health is in decline, we also can’t help but blame ourselves for not doing just enough. And if the feeling of guilt and inadequacy isn’t to arise within us, then surely, society itself is quick in determining the lack and flaws.


Bee Pollen. Yes, a change of subject here. I’m very result-driven you see 😉 and don’t like to dwell much. The addition of Bee Pollen and Moringa Powder in the kids’ smoothies (including the regular chia seeds and flax seeds alongwith organic fruits 🍌🍓 ) is definitely worth the extra step, in my experience.



Here’s to hoping that we can all stay safe from the nasty Flu and Sniffles! 



Happy Homemaking!