Cheesy Cheese Fries *revamped*

by Naila Sheikh

It's a cold day outside and I'm not planning on leaving my residence. My backyard offers enough sunshine for the day and I make sure for the kids and I to have plenty of fresh air even on very wintery days. 

Outdoor activity is my number one emphasis when it comes to spending the weekends. Staying home doesn't mean staying indoors at all times - one should make an effort to soak up the sun and embrace the skies.


I was able to sleep in today, yay! The moment I woke up I imagined having cheese fries for either lunch or dinner. The visual of fries drowned in cheeses 🧀 and all other yumminess, made me look forward to just stay at home and not be bothered...AT ALL.


"Cheese Fries" 



• 3 to 4 potatoes sliced in a handheld fries maker  / or use frozen fries from the store.

• poppy seed dressing 

• deli sliced pepper rings - sliced thinly

• 3 sundried tomatoes cut (you'll get oily fingers👋🏽, but it's ok)  

• a handful of Spanish manzanilla green olives, sliced thin

• green onions - 3 to 4 stems cut in thin rounds

• Heinz sweet relish - 3 tbsp

• red pepper flakes - 2 tbsp

• Shredded cheeses: I used Muenster and Mexican Cheddar Jack. 

• a pan that can go in the oven ( spam spray  or butter it a little bit )




  1. I used a cake pan, buttered the bottom and sides.  
  2. I poured a generous amount of Poppy Seed Dressing to cover the bottom. It doesn't have to cover all, since it's quite runny: see below👇🏽...
Next time, I'll probably cut down on the poppy seed dressing. It was delicious but that much isn't needed.  

Next time, I'll probably cut down on the poppy seed dressing. It was delicious but that much isn't needed.  

    3. I add the rest of the cut-up ingredients, one after each other, starting with green onions, deli peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and a sprinkle of red pepper flakes. 


    4. I top it off with the cheeses covering the fries. If you want, you can add relish to this but some may find that too much (it also tends to get liquidy with relish, so be aware.)  You can finish by adding the rest of the fries laying it in the other direction: either horizontal or vertical. 



    5. Put it in the oven for about 30 min. in 350 degrees temperature.  

    I turned off the oven but let it sit for a while as I was tending to the kids, my cheeses turned browner than I desired but the crunchy layer of cheese and the bits of sundried tomatoe, olives, really make for an appetizing and non-stop edible lunch!  😋

    ...just as I imagined and dare I say, much better? 

    Cheesy fries READY to be DEVOURED!  

    Cheesy fries READY to be DEVOURED!  



    With ❤️, 

    Naila ~