Eggplant Bharta {Dip}

by Naila Sheikh

I like this variation of an eggplant dish which is a huge hit in my household i.e. the hubby only...😂 He requests this meal when at times he feels close to his Pakistani roots. I am however, more keen on using eggplant in Italian dishes. When I do happen to make his fav "Baingan Bharta" - maybe because of the time crunch and it's easy to prepare (don't we all have motives in life? 😆) but of course also, upon his sweet request, I make sure to make it exactly as he likes it: super spicy. I then add yogurt to my plate for the much needed coolness in blowing off steam. No, not that I'm angry...I mean, steam from the spices, you silly. 


Today has been an exhausting day - heck, my entire 3 weeks have been back-to-back crazzzyyyy, but tonight we must celebrate, relax and open a bottle of bubbly Apple Cider 🍾 , binge watch Netflix, drool over Mahira Khan and Shahrukh Khan's Zaalima song in upcoming Raees movie! Doesn't she look fantastic! I have a total girl/woman crush on her - her innocence and simplicity truly oozes on screen (women are simply sexy in their 30's, woohoo! and yes, that's a biased opinion but true too) Loved her in Humsafar (on Netflix now!) so imagine my excitement for this movie. Anywho, Anyways: back to the Kitchen talkin' ... 



Azam is watching Jaws 2 while I'm quickly typing this up on my phone screen for y'all to read or curse me, later...I'll leave that to you.  By the way, the actors in Jaw look like sharks themselves. What's with the gritty faces? 



"Baingan Bharta" 



• olive oil

• 1 onion

• 1 tbsp red pepper flakes & 1 harri mirch 🌶 (jalapeño sliced in half)  / depending on your preferred level of spicyness.

• 1 eggplant 🍆 , peeled and thinly sliced

 • 3 to 4 potatoes, peeled and also thinly sliced

• 2 tomatoes  

• 1 tbsp of LaaL Mirch Powder  

• 1 tsp of Turmeric powder (Haldi) 

 • black cumin, 2 tsp (kalonji)

• tomato paste or tomato sauce

• I like Shan's Achar Pickle Masala - 2 tsp

• ginger & garlic paste 1 tbsp


💬Such a fake fin! Jaws' music is compelling though. The kids are now watching with eyes wide open👀 -- "it's a shark!"





Cut your onion thin, add a drizzle of olive oil. Let it fry until onions appear golden brown.

Add a pinch of Achar/Pickle Masala, add laal mirch, haldi and red pepper flakes - dem spicessss! 

Add your garlic/ginger paste, let it mix and fry together.  

Once all masalas are making you cough and you turn teary eyed wanting to cry like a baby...justttt wait, have patience...grab your tomato 🍅 if you can see through all the burning...add yo tomato and pasta/sauce to this concoction. You will now simply thank me for your instant relief. You're welcome. 


Lets not forget about the protagonist of this story: the eggplant. Now, please add your eggplant and potato slices and close the lid. Let it simmer on medium heat for about 20 min. until everything is soft and mushy.  

Add black cumin called kalonji (it's powerful ancient stuff, gives you strength) .


Upon opening the lid, you will see eggplant transformed into slimey strips resembling... I-don't-know-something-slimey? 

IGNORE. Just give it a good mix and grab your utensil that mushes it all together, the one that looks like a grater but is handheld...? I may have to attach a pic here, I'm lost for words... englishhhh vinglishhhh 😂

It's called a POTATO MASHER!!!! Duhhhhh. 

It's called a POTATO MASHER!!!! Duhhhhh. 

Now, here comes the fun part: take out all your frustration and put all of your weight (not the figurative weight, I mean your real weight)  onto the masher and slam that thing, ever so gently, to the bottom of your pan. Keep on mashing it.

Mash. Mush. Smash? 


Rejoice! Add some cilantro for garnishing - grab a plate (and some yogurt to put out the 🔥) ...either eat with Naan or you can also westernize this DISH by calling it an 'eggplant potato dip' in front of your sophisticated friends (make sure it's dip-worthy and no remains of eggplant strips are visible).  


You think I'm talking crazy? Well well well...see for yourself then... 







With ❤️️,

Naila ~