Ahmadis Have Rights

by Naila Sheikh

This video was trending on my Newsfeed so I decided to watch it. A lot of emotions at play, of course. Below is the link to access the video and my letter to the actor for doing a great job. 

Vid link: http://youtu.be/URK3xqFAuyE


To Hamza Ali Abbasi,

As a fan of your acting on screen in Mann Mayal (which got me hooked by the way), I  must also praise you for standing up for Ahmadi's basic rights. I am born and raised Ahmadi, currently living in Houston, TX. My community means the world to me as I've been raised with love for all religions and the ability to rationally ask questions out of logic, in pursuit of truth.


My cousin who was martyred in the Lahore attacks - a senseless horrifying act - in the name of which religion, I ask? As an Ahmadi Muslim brought up in the West, I can not fathom the violence and persecution against our community in my beloved Pakistan. I cry for the country's betterment - it pains me to see that I am declared non-Muslim and that within the constitution of Pakistan. Do they know who I am? Do they know my prayers and my God? Who is one to judge my faith when the so-called religious authorities and the common man are killing my kind, my people...filling the ears of ignorants with hatred, spewing evil words...for what? To kill? To plunder? To conquer?


I love your new show and I must applaud you for showing immense bravery in a country where you can be easily torn apart, given you are a celebrity with so much at stake. I applaud you for requesting interfaith dialogue rather than a challenge for show-off. I admire you for reasoning with scholars on giving an Ahmadi the opportunity to share their perspective and beliefs. 


As I'm watching your clip, I can't help but cry over these sad times where our identities as American Muslims in America are already under fire and then the intolerance towards my beautiful Ahmadiyya community where committing murder of an Ahmadi is overlooked like its no crime in Pakistan, pains me to no end. I've loved Pakistan so so much. I have amazing memories of traveling and attending my cousins shaadis, just like any other Pakistani. In my reality, I'm no different than you or my next door Muslim.  We all pray to Allah, say his Kalama and Shahadat. We live in peace, in love and understanding. If I lived in Pakistan, then I would have personally asked you to interview me. Me: a woman, a mom of 2, a student, blogger, an over-achiever, and a firm believer of goodness and a born Ahmadi. I'd urge Pakistanis to put real faces to their harsh judgments and see us as law abiding citizens, as a Noble Prize Winner (Dr. Abdus Salam) , and many other achievers who are genuinely Pakistani in every way making Pakistan and this world a better place. 


Hamza, I hope and pray that your efforts are awarded immensely and that Allah may bless you. My respect for your craft on screen (Salahuddin bechaira) is of course praiseworthy, but your incredible venture to take on the media in discussing our differences, share them and learn from each other rather than inciting violent Fatwahs, is indeed your best showbiz work till date...️ Wish I'd met you when you visited Houston recently. InshAllah, next time...

Until then, Allah Hafiz and JazaakAllah. 

Wassalaam/Dua Goh,


"Love for All, Hatred for None"


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