What's for lunch?

by Naila Sheikh

I am pretty sure the majority of people must contemplate every day what to eat for lunch. Back when I was working in Real Estate, I would buy myself a Subway sandwich or on some days, frequent Panda Express for much needed carb-cravings. Fast forward into present time: I have now the privilege to prepare lunch at home, for myself and the hubby on-the-go. I firmly believe that lunch really sets the tone of the day, more than breakfast - however, breakfast is vital to not overeating during lunch and one should have it as early as possible. 



My day begins before 6 AM: I try to become regular in my prayer, especially the Tahajjud & Fajr Islamic prayer, but most of the time, I'm unfortunately either too lazy to roll out the prayer mat, or it just skips my mind. I find it frustrating and it saddens me that I'm not strong enough to take out my time to worship God, talk to Him, rely on Him. I wasn't like this. Nor am I like this during the month of Ramadan. Why is that as humans, when a deadline or reward is given, we are more likely to respond? I feel like we haven't grown up in that regard or maybe life has slowed us down. Of course, the rewards of praying are infinite and I should really score those extra points with God as my heart pines for solace at times. 



Breakfast is as usual; crepes for my daughter and left-overs for me (this will be covered in another Blog Post) , and during drop-off, I drink my big bottle of mineral water with a squeeze of lemon, 1 tsp of organic apple cider vinegar (keeps the nasty flu 😷 away) - not only is it good for digestion but it also instills the habit of staying hydrated. 



Today marks December 1st - oh how fast time has flown! For us to embark on 2017 very very soon, and for Trump to be president, is a harsh reality we will have to live with. But one can not be disheartened by what the future might bring since we are unaware of the prospects. All we can really do is pray for the best and prepare ourselves to be stronger and better. 



To keep strong and not think of what I should have for lunch every day, I've made a pact with myself to eat fruit. I cut up all the fruits I have (gotta love organic bananas, apples and dates! Always have medjool dates!), I sprinkle chia seeds, fresh squeezed orange juice and some black pepper. Keeping it simple. I usually have lunch - my bowl of fruit salad - during my drive when picking my daughter up from school. My son eats it first, and only then I allow myself to have my lunch. 😊 The baby bird gotta be fed first! 🐣



By the time we reach home, I've finished my fruit salad, drank my water and feel happy with having my daily intake of fruits which I'd normally ignore. Unless the fruit isn't cut up and presented in a plate, we are often ignoring the good things we can eat and should eat. My daughter has her "fruit time" which I obsessively remind her of. Either slices of apple or a whole banana after school. I tell the kids that there is no way out - but they are free to chose the fruit of their liking. 



If not a fruit salad, then a regular salad with baked chicken nuggets and no dressing can suffice on days when it gets too boring or I've come back from an intense workout.  



It keeps me excited and going! 😃  

What's for lunch in your neck of the woods?  

My fruit salad bowl on-the-go. It might take time to cut up the fruits, but the labor pays off!  

My fruit salad bowl on-the-go. It might take time to cut up the fruits, but the labor pays off!  



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