Thanksgiving Hangover Cure: Eat Yo Salads!

by Naila Sheikh

Don't worry. I'm not adding kale to my amazing discovery, although, I should start incorporating it into my diet, hmmm.  


I feel as parents we tend to sometimes contradict ourselves and we possibly can't help it either: "Ah, finally, a break! No more school" πŸ˜„...3 days later: "I can't wait for them to go to school! They're driving me crazy!" 😬...On the first day of school upon waking up before that irritating bird in your Oak tree: "WHY do they even go to school?!?!" 😫


While we're all in it together, as parents or contributing productive citizens of society, the very first day of returning to the REAL world can be quite a shocker no matter how many years of experience you've gained in this game of Life & Survival. 


Why can't kids just grow a pair of wings and fly themselves to class? Why can't these beautiful angels actually act like angels - form a pact, start a Kid Uber service or something. I guess I must not be pessimistic in the prospect of my dreams becoming reality one day. Also, those who've already judged me, shaken their heads and "tsssk-ed" me as a bad parent while reading this dreadful paragraph - chill out - I'm justtttt kiddin'. 


It's all good. We love our children. If it wasn't for our hard work and sacrifice then everrrybody would probably be popping em out right? πŸ˜† Oh. They do? In 2016?


Maybe most of them are ignorant of sexually active consequences, just sayin'. Yes, I do believe in the sheer innocence of the human spirit and I'll stand by my own naivety even when I'm faced with hard evidence. Why, you ask? Because it's fun to live in a bubble that's why. Argh. Now don't annoy me further okay. Let's get to business and complete this Blog Post with a conclusion. (note: the sarcasm is derived from my throbbing migraine, so pls don't cry. I'm not trying to hurt you, it just so happens subconsciously *accept apology*) --


So yes, salads! The one that I can't live without...(grab a pen, make a note, add onto your grocery list) ... ***drumroll*** I hereby present:



This packet is available at Sam's Club and it's truly my Asian Aunt/Top Chef/Nutrionist all in one coming together on plate. I'm serious. I add left-over meals to salads or some other green leafs, olives - basically anything that can go or sets my mood. 

This. Is. Awesome.


okBye. Gotta put my monkeys to sleepπŸ’€. Β 

Below is a pic of my daughter actually wearing wings during outdoor backyard play: Β 



Naila -Β