Post-Thanksgiving Appetite

by Naila Sheikh

The holidays are here with stores decked in Christmas decor (already!). Time doesn't walk slow, does it? It runs faster than your Fitbit counting your steps, ha! Nor does it stand still to make us fully analyze and realize the upcoming Presidency😬...


While we appreciate our enormous blessings during Thanksgiving, we are also aware of the historic significance and might I say, horrific events that took place in the cleansing of the indigenous people. We all celebrate our own version of giving Thanks, whether you pray furiously, give charity, help your community or serve your elderly - the coming together of families and friends is truly a wonderful occasion. Thus, life should be celebrated. 


Our Thanksgiving break has been a simple affair of staying home, organizing, healing (from the nasty cold & cough), playing/sunbathing in the backyard and watching Netflix! I had planned a Thanksgiving lunch at my house but due to everyone's schedules, we were unable to make arrangements. However, our get-together on Friday, feasting on Pakistani kababs, really warmed our hearts with gratitude and love for one another. 


As a homemaker, the beauty of presenting a meal whether small or fancy, knowing that my love went into creating something special for my loved ones, brings me immense joy. So, today, with most of us under the weather, I decided to make use of the marinated chicken tikka in the refrigerator. 


Chicken Tikka Tortilla Soup  


•Challenge: say "chicken tikka tortilla soup" ten times in super speed.  

Shredding a leg of chicken tikka with my hands and sautéing it in oil and cumin seeds (with masala already marinated on the chicken).

Shredding a leg of chicken tikka with my hands and sautéing it in oil and cumin seeds (with masala already marinated on the chicken).

• I then proceed to cut 1 onion and 3 cloves of garlic, and sautée in olive oil until golden brown. Puree this consistency in your food processor with 3 ripe tomatoes. 


• Once the chicken tikka bits are fried lightly in the pressure cooker, I go ahead and add my tomato puree, mixing it well. Put a lid on and cook for 18-20 min on low heat. Water can be added to make the soup soupier/thinner/runnier (I'm outta words). One can also substitute the chicken tikka (meat) with chicken stock. 


• I like adding a can (or half) of gorbanzo beans to this soup. Don't be afraid. Gorbanzo won't hurt you. 


• Sit down. Talk to me. Can you believe it! Lauren Graham is 49 years and my goodness, doesn't she look amazing! So, I completed one episode of the Gilmore Girls last night and oh my, Stars Hollow is still as magical as we left it years ago. Also, who is looking forward to see Jess, Luke's nephew? 😍  

I'm hoping for Sooki to make an appearance. It's fun to see Paris still so hyper and ambitious. How about Rory, at 32? She's 35 years old in reality (had to look it up) - but still looks as fresh as before. A good diet and fitness makes one ageless I suppose...(Hollywood translation: money & Botox) --


• 18 minutes passed! Whatcha doin' talking girl, get up!  

Now, let's the lid, stir, close the lid. Turn off the heat, let it all simmer in steam.  


• Chop a handful of cilantro. Grab some shredded cheese and tortilla strips. And while you're at it: grab a nice bowl. Easy, right? 


• Pour your soup in the pretty bowl, garnish with cilantro, cheese and tortilla strips/chips.



With Love,

Naila ~ 

Enjoy! "Eet smakelijk" as we say in Dutch! 

Enjoy! "Eet smakelijk" as we say in Dutch!