Fitness Nirvana

by Naila Sheikh

I can't decide whether to jump out of joy, cry in gratitude or thank the heavens for compensating me for my time lost in worrying, disciplining and sacrificing. It's been a long LONG journey but I've finally reached here (Insert: 'tear' 😭).


In almost 5 years, ever since Mehreen was born, leaving the babies at the gym would be sort of a nightmare as they'd call me every time Mehreen or Imaad cried (READ: scream + unstoppable, hiccup cries). I would run back to tend to them and never finish a class unless Zumba were to happen if the hubby took care of the kids.  


The uncontrollable crying and clinginess would always ruin my trip to the gym and at times, force me to stay home. I knew that my kids came first and seeing them unsettled would always nag at me so I opted to work out at home with Jillian Micheal's videos. Losing baby weight wasn't as much of a priority as it was to get myself rid of the nasty migraines. Therefore, fitness became my only solution and I remained focused from there on forwards. 


Swimming the best exercise there is, and where I truly feel very very happy - being a Cancerian and my love for water - I am ecstatic to be worry-free from the stress of having to run back and cut short on my lapses. Today, marks an epic day - a day in my life where I'm feeling relaxed to have used a facility that we pay for monthly and I was able to fully utilize it. 


I was advised not to post the gym selfie and this story in the fear of someone casting the evil eye on me. I laughed and dismissed this immediately as I don't believe in refraining from sharing with the people I've allowed in my social media circles; my friends & family. If there's even one person that can relate to my struggles or somehow gets inspired by my ramblings, I would consider myself lucky and very fortunate to be living in a digital era where sharing is literally a click away.


So excuse me while I resume my well deserved, much awaited victory dance...💃🏻 


 {Also, it wouldn't hurt to say "MashAllah" at my accomplishment --->👀 evil eyes WHAAAATT?!?! 😱}