The Eternal Optimist

by Naila Sheikh

"For a realist masquerading as a cynic who is secretly an optimist."


I've been known as an optimist. And I remain to be optimistic.

I've been known as a realist. And I remain to stay realistic.

Nobody knows of the cynic in me. Nor do I care to show.


What I know now is that I've carried on in life, with baggage that wasn't mine, but still, I was predestined to handle it, to dispose of it. That baggage I've gotten rid of just like garbage. My soul's cleaner, my eyes are brighter and my smile's  wider. The realist in me demanded  normalcy. The cynic continued to nag. But the optimist, still alive and thriving, never exposed  a trace of the trash left behind. It had softened me, rather than hardened me. The optimist, my good friend,  always stood by my side. 


The Optimist wins, and all fails.  

Even reality.