by Naila Sheikh

He's come in my dreams before. This boy, I often imagined. With hair flowy, eyes filled with wonder, innocence so sweet of a new baby born whom I'd hold tightly in my nurturing grip.

That dream was a presence of a destined path that I would be privileged to walk on. To experience motherhood in all its glory and have this boy in my arms.

Imaad, my pillar, my foundation - your little feet hold the ground as you run untamed, from known territories, jumping, climbing and leaving little hurricanes behind. I tend to your three-word needs, sometimes forming sentences, proudly as I see you grow. My heart flutters in joy when you seek comfort on my chest, trying to nestle, wanting to sleep. Just as the days when I fed you from my breasts; magical, incredible, nuzzles of motherly caress.

May you always be mine, my toddler boy. I will have to  set you free in this world, only for you to know, how much love I've poured into your growth. My every being, sleepless nights, were for you to wake up bright. My every worry, scolding and fight, were for you to learn despite. My every hiccup, mistake and fault, were for me to lovingly mold. In retrospect and till today, may tomorrow become what it shall may; beautiful, blissful and full of joy, because at every grateful stare I know...

God gifted me that dreamy, magical boy.