Dear World, Eid Mubarak.

by Naila Sheikh

With the Grace of God, we've completed the blessed month of Ramadan and August is now upon us. Eid-Ul-Fitr is celebrated amongst dear loved ones and we all share the same lively and celebratory spirit that unifies us, no matter how harsh and unjust the world seems, the three hugs exchanged at the Mosque with the endearing greeting of "Eid Mubarak" takes us to the basic teachings of Islam and we feel overjoyed sharing this blessed occasion with our fellow Muslim brothers & sisters. How different are we from each other?


What difference does it make if I'm an Ahmadi Muslim and you are a Shia Muslim or a Sunni Muslim...? Why do we have to categorize ourselves and feel superior from one and other? What good does it do? My beliefs may be slightly different but so is my entire being - then who has the right to feel of a higher, more important being than everybody else? Perhaps we're victims of a superiority complex that breeds ignorance & intolerance and feeds our minds with what we think is best, rather than what God has prescribed us to do. Today's world is filled with hatred; so-called religious 'Mullahs' spewing hatred against different sects and commanding the false word of God. And who is at stake here? We are far away from Pakistan, where killings of Ahmadis and Shias are becoming the norm of the day. We are away from Palestine where airstrikes & bombings kill innocent civilians, men, women and children in a blink of a second. We are away from India where women are killed for dowry. We are away from Dubai where human trafficking rules the dirty underground of the Arabic riches. We are safely away from all the cruelties happening on the very same Planet we live in - the same cosmic sphere we share. Then why do I feel as if my world is different than yours? Only because I see dead people on screen and not physically in front of me? Do I choose to ignore in order to live my life in ignorant bliss? Are we devoid of empathy? ...of compassion?


I weep in front of Allah and ask to take away the suffering, the inhumane sufferings of those who are unfortunate souls, living in unfortunate lands, controlled by an unfortunate government who greedily make a fortune out of killings of HUMAN BEINGS --> the ones that look just like us. Not CASUALTIES, but HUMANS. 

I conclude this post by attaching my Eid Podcast. And for those listeners, who might not understand why I'm podcasting, I have explained the very reason as to why I think it's important for me to have a voice.

Excuse the Dutch in me as I mispronounce "bow". ;)