July Seventeenth, Two Thousand Fourteen.

by Naila Sheikh

Yes, that's the date today and those closest to me must know that on this date, not so many years ago (lol) my existence occurred and I was safely put into the arms of my mother at the hospital in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I will dedicate all my love to her today as she has raised me beautifully and with lots of love & care. I love you, Ammi! And THANK YOU!

I will not write a long Blog Post containing my culinary brewings of the day. Today, I am fortunate to be healthy and alive; to be amongst my family & friends and to have been blessed with my very own family - my two children who keep me young at all times.

I have been working on setting up a Podcast Series for all my followers. The name of the Podcast Series is still "under construction mode" but I will soon come up with a fitting name to present this special feature in NailasKitchen. 

This recording took place today, in the early morning so please excuse the lack of preparation and the unclarity in my voice due to morning allergies. I was planning on making my Podcast Debut on Eid inshAllah, but today I had to say what I had to say and there was no stopping to the inner-force within me wanting to connect with all of you.

I start speaking at the 0:49 sec mark, but do listen in from the beginning as it sets the tone for the podcast and perhaps relaxes the mind before it annoys you with my ramblings, ha ha!

Here you go World, am an open book: