Exhilaration ensues...

by Naila Sheikh

The very idea of putting myself out there, for all of you to see & judge, while sharing life's little joys, makes me excitedly happy. I've immersed myself into the culinary world of nutritious & easy recipes as I shape my physique to (hopefully) a better, leaner and sharper ME! I have yet a long way to go, but my everyday strive to achieve the best, motivates me to stay focused.


So hereby, I welcome you to my abode, my Kitchen where I spend most of my time feeding my children, preparing meals, going over important mail and solving problems like a SuperMom to the rescue! My posts will feature my home cooked meals that can vary from American, Italian, Pakistani dishes with a touch of fusion to all of them; East or West! Just the way I like it and hopefully, you will too.