Fighting The Flu

by Naila Sheikh

It’s been a rough almost 2 weeks for me with the kids getting sick, taking days off from school. The worst part is when they stop eating and lose weight. I worry endlessly and go into warrior-mommy-mode. Despite giving them a tablespoon of Manuka Honey daily, they will bring home a nasty cough because that’s just how Kindergarteners and second graders are; careless little (cute ☺️) monsters.


My first and foremost concern is their full recovery and nutrition. Having them eat home-cooked meals and homemade superfood Smoothies is essential to what I think fighting the nastyness of flu. 


Keeping a positive attitude (even though, I must admit, at times I’m completely worn out and sad) is key to staying strong whilst also acknowledging the waves of emotions that are inevitable. As caretakers/Mothers, we can’t help but always be protective of our offspring. And sometimes, when our kids’ health is in decline, we also can’t help but blame ourselves for not doing just enough. And if the feeling of guilt and inadequacy isn’t to arise within us, then surely, society itself is quick in determining the lack and flaws.


Bee Pollen. Yes, a change of subject here. I’m very result-driven you see 😉 and don’t like to dwell much. The addition of Bee Pollen and Moringa Powder in the kids’ smoothies (including the regular chia seeds and flax seeds alongwith organic fruits 🍌🍓 ) is definitely worth the extra step, in my experience.



Here’s to hoping that we can all stay safe from the nasty Flu and Sniffles! 



Happy Homemaking! 



Chicken Kababs

by Naila Sheikh

My ‘go-to already marinated chicken kababs’ that require just a drizzle of olive oil in a skillet, sometimes atop tomato sauce on low heat and with lid on - makes for an amazing meal with salad or rice on the side. It’s quick, delicious and nutritious! 


Mixing in a whole packet of ground chicken keema with Shan’s Chicken Masala, slicing 1 onion and bits of tomato ... wouldn’t hurt to also add a little of Chapli Kabab masala to bind it together. I then whisk one egg, and add breadcrumbs to the mix. The longer I keep it marinated in the fridge, the better the flavor turns out. 


Bon Appetite! 🍽 


Lunch 💁🏻‍♀️ #chickenkababswithkalesalad 🍃


It's a Kid's World 🌎

by Naila Sheikh

On the verge of losing my voice. It's been an insane day and kids are still hyper active. How's that possible with all the activities of the day 😫 ... we've just come back from swimming! How?!?! 



(The following is written in a hasty, to-the-point manner to provide just the right amount of info for your understanding. Due to exhaustion, the author refrains from pleasing your senses and would rather digress from any usual formalities. Thank you) .


Woke up at 5 AM to prepare for Field Trip, got the kids ready. Dropped off Imaad. Went to Mehreen's school. Gave the extra paraatha roll to Mehreen's teacher but she turned out to be vegetarian who doesn't eat egg, gave the paraatha to another teacher. Answered 1000 questions of Mehreen and her friend in a narrow cramped up schoolbus seat. Kindergarteners can't stop wiggling, or being loud. I'm good, I zone out. Plus I start daydreaming. But taking care of 'em ain't easy. Loved Mehreen's friend. Both my girls listened and didn't run off.


Walked a lot in the museum. Beat the crowd by going directly to the butterfly exhibit while the rest was figuring out where it was. Felt victorious walking in as the first people of the morning! Heard the sound of kids coming closer, so took my necessary pics/selfies with my girls and made our way out.


Calling it an "adventure" changes the game. I loved every moment. I love children. They're better than adults no matter how hard it gets. They're cute and silly. Andrea was a sweetheart and got immediately attached to me. Mehreen and Andrea looked like sisters and Mehreen's excitement was just amazing to see. I told her a few times that I was her "chaperone mommy" not just "mommy" 😂 Andrea copied Mehreen and called me "mommy" - I felt like I'd adopted a kid. So so cute, mA.


Hold on. Let me take my vitamins. Be right back ... ___________ ...


During lunch time, we found a nice spot with trees and a grass field ... while most people were seated in the sun on the benches and stairs right outside the museum, all I wanted was to create a picnic scene for the girls to relax and have fun. So glad we found our spot. 15 minutes later the crowd came in and joined us. It was a pretty scene with groups formed in circles eating on the grass. The weather? Splendid! A soft, warm breeze + cloudy.


When I chanted "let's be the first ones", the girls would get super happy seeing how excited I'd get in this make-believe competition (mostly created in my own head to be 2 steps ahead of the game😅) ...


Went to the Theatre to see a 3 D movie about Africa. I asked the employee 5 to 6 questions pertaining the movie. She wasn't rude but at the end, handed me a paper with all the details. I was happy. I don't notice weird facial expressions when I'm on a mission - focus, baby, focus! 🤓


The movie would last 40 min. So in my head I made an instant mental note NOT to watch it for that duration. However, I left the choice with the girls and told them that we could get out any minute. We found seats, I took my pics and the movie started. 10 min. into seeing flamingos finding their love connection (they commit for 40 years?! Wow. Didn't know that.) Mehreen turns around and tells me to go. I ask Andrea and she had the same expression. I'm ready. We leave. But first restrooms (again beating the crowd. Side note: if you're sick of reading this loooonnnnngggg post, pls be free to leave like right now😂😆 it ain't getting interesting; it's just a telling of my day. Don't wanna waste your time ya know 😉😬yawelcome) --


We ask the teacher and briefly go to Hermann park on the opposite side. She approved. I had 15 min to spare until we'd leave. Met a Muslim hijabi girl with her baby girl in the stroller. I casually started a conversation. We connected, talked and laughed. I told her I needed to speak to "human" ... she was amused, or so I tend to believe. 🤔


We walked up to the centennial garden, the girls were super happy. I kinda jogged my way up chasing them. Took pics, talked to my new friend (she started the convo. No im not a freak all the time 😆)


Went back to the schoolbus spot. Everything was right on time. I loved it. My girls were tired but loved every minute.

Once settled in the school bus, boy Jayden who sat on the seat on my left, started teasing Mehreen. I saw Mehreen's discomfort, Andrea didn't like him either. So I gave this Jayden badass a task to distract him from bothering my precious girls. Told him to clean his surroundings and to give me all his trash (I had a plastic bag for trash ready) He obeyed. My stern voice did wonders, he gave me all his wrappers and had forgotten about being annoying. I smiled within.


We made it back to school. I shook Andrea's little hand and told her it was an honor to be her chaperone. She was smiling, and probably thought "ok crazyyyy lady" 😂 --


The ending you ask? Wellllllllll,


The BIG smile on my daughter's face👧🏻 and my ❤️ filled with ✨!